What is the issue?

Longmeadow Massachusetts will be voting at town meeting on May 10th and could vote in some drastic anti-Second Amendment measures.

Please see the text of Article’s 29,30 and 31 from the 2016 town meeting warrant (see below).  This was sent to us by a member.  These articles are an outright assault on your Second Amendment rights.  Article 26 would ban lawful carry of firearms on all town property including sidewalks.  Article 29 would require gun registration upon renewal of license.  Article 30 would ban many commonly owned firearms and magazines

Please know that the warrant is yet to be finalized.

Town Meeting begins May 10, click here for more information.

If you live in Longmeadow please plan on attending town meeting and voting NO on all three articles!

View the warrant online: https://sites.google.com/site/longmeadowsbmeetingmaterials/documents
This will take you directly into the town manager’s meeting materials documents page in the town government website. This will bring you into the Longmeadow Select Board intranet site . Once in that section click on meeting minutes and once opened scroll down to the March 7, 2016 Public zip download. Open the download to reveal the file folder, March 7, 2016 PUBLIC . Open the file, scroll down to item #5, New Business. Then scroll down to item #3 Draft Warrant 2016 ATM open the pdf file and find articles 26 – 28 on pages 5 & 6 of the town meeting warrant.