Patriots at the Statehouse

5000  + / –    Patriots at our State Capitol….


It was a hot day on Saturday July 23rd. Only a mile and a half from where the Battle of Bunker Hill took place, modern day patriots rallied to decry the trampling of our rights by a power grabbing Attorney General. While the dissenting republican members of the State legislature were away at the Republican National Convention, Attorney General Maura Healey in a surprise move,  interpreted state law, on her own and absent due process.

Doing so she reversed 22 years of precedent set since the state’s original inception of it’s “Assault Weapon” ban.  Our countries founders from Massachusetts risked so much, and put their lives on the line to break the tyranny we were facing. Yet now we find ourselves facing tyranny from our elected officials.  This rogue monochratic action automatically made whole classes of rifles that were legal the day before into felonious instruments. The owners of these weapons were essentially made felons-in-waiting. While Healey has stated it is not her intent to prosecute owners who had the weapons prior to the ban, not one can take her at her word. Any AG that shows such contempt for the constitution as she has done, might change her opinion the next time the political winds blow her way.

Several legislators from Eastern Mass addressed the group and promised to fight this action as soon as they could. Sadly absent from the group were our local representatives Brian Ashe, and Eric Lesser. PLEASE REACH OUT TO YOUR state assemblyman or senator. This issue will be a litmus test for those of us that cherish the 2nd amendment.

In the HBO show “Game of Thrones” there is a dire warning that each community cries out to remind each other to prepare of dark times, and that cry is “Winter is Coming”. Let us call out our own cry as we deal with this dark time, and our cry is “November is Coming!”

Call – discuss with your elected official- and remember “November is Coming!”




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