We are not asking forgiveness…

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Massachusetts Attorney General Creates Hundreds of Thousands of “Felons in Waiting”

We are not asking to be forgiven!!!!

As our members are well aware of by now, Massachusetts Attorney General took unilateral action this past Wednesday to completely redefine the term “Assault Weapon” under Massachusetts’ law. In her move to further her political career with an all out assault on lawful citizens, she has offered a NEW interpretation of the gun laws that has essentially banned the possession, ownership, or transfer of ALL semi-automatic rifles that utilize a detachable magazine. Depending on how the courts look at the NEW interpretations, some handguns and shotguns could be affected as well.

Literally overnight, a single government official has retroactively created hundreds of thousands of felons. One thing gun owners should be very clear about – there is no “grandfathering” under these new rules.

While the AG has “graciously” stated that: “… not be applied to possession, ownership or transfer of an Assault weapon obtained prior to July 20, 2016.” It does not mean that she can’t change her mind tomorrow or that some other entity cannot use it against us, such as local licensing authorities that use the new rules to declare an applicant unsuitable for renewal.

As a result of this chaos, many friendly public officials have offered to file emergency legislation that would offer permanent legal protection for the lawful gun owners who have purchased semi-automatic firearms. While we appreciate these genuine offers to protect our members, GOAL’s message to our government at this time is simple:

We are not asking to be forgiven for crimes we did not commit!

We hope all of our members and gun owners appreciate and support our current position, but you are not at fault! Accepting an offer to protect us would do two things:

1. Admit that we have all committed a crime despite the fact that all of these transfers were approved by the state.

2. It would be recognizing the vast expansion of the Attorney General’s NEW interpretation that will ban the future sale and possession of virtually every semi-automatic gun on the market.

While GOAL continues to confer with leaders all around the country about the best course of action, we need all citizens to attend GOAL’s rally at the State House on Saturday, July 23, 2016 at 10:00 am.

• Bring your family, your friends, and your neighbors.
• Call your local state representative and senator and ask them to join you at the rally.
• Contact your local police chief and police officers and ask them to join you. We have always had their backs, now they need to have ours.

Tell them all: If they can do this to us, they can do it to you!

AG’s Enforcement Notice:http://www.mass.gov/ago/public-safety/awbe.html

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