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*** Call for Action- MASS Residents ***

Longmeadow Citizens for Liberty urge you to contact your state legislator and delete hummingbird-1416917181PH6ask him/her to support HR 2158.  “An act related to constitutional rights”. This law if passed would create one set of state laws to be followed as relates to firearms regulations. Right now citizens could have firearm laws from 296 towns and 55 cities to follow. Imagine trying to follow different traffic laws for 351 different communities???

This legislation creates a new section of law that provides a presumption that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual civil right. For many years the courts and law enforcement entities have been confused due to the state’s poorly written laws. With a clearly defined presumption of rights, lawful citizens will be saved unnecessary harassment. Likewise the courts and law enforcement will no longer waste time and resources on lawful citizens simply exercising their civil rights.

It also provides protections against other government entities in the state from passing laws and regulations restricting that right. This will avoid a potential patchwork of laws across the Commonwealth that causes confusion.

Click here for information on the proposed law


  1. Write
  2. Call
  3. Follow up
  4. Share with friends whether they are firearms owners or not

Click here for info on how to write to your legislator

Let’s have one set of gun laws for the state, and stop local harassment of lawful responsible firearms owners.

One set of Law for the WHOLE STATE!

One set of Law for the WHOLE STATE!