This is bigger than Longmeadow MA- Our rights as Americans

Dear Henry,

I heard you on Cam & Company. I am so proud of you and your fellow 454e1e5592d643c03ab6caed2b2af983townspeople. I am one of the grandmothers you spoke about. A younger grandmother to be sure. I live in New York State, so 2nd amendment and constitutional rights are regularly ignored here. I have never owned or carried a gun, however, I am a huge supporter of the Constitution. I have recently inquired on the process of acquiring a gun permit in NYS and will be pursuing the process. The only thing gun laws do is take guns away from law abiding citizens of our country. The federal government’s goal is to disarm the citizenry not stop gun violence. Keep up the good fight.

Bless you , Walt Lamon (and the whole group at Longeadow Citizens For Liberty)


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  1. Henry,

    That was one of the most inspirational interviews I have ever heard, on Cam & Company, Friday. Your willingness to take on the gun control machine reminds us all why we live in this country and love our Constitution. Keep up the good work. I am a member of the CA GOAL and NRA so that we can continue to fight the battle wagged against us!

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