Don’t let our future be determined by your silence…

It was a beautiful yet chilly morning.  Our public awareness posts…  informed, 20160509_075023-2reminded and inspired … “What Time is the meeting?” was a common question from motorists as they passed our posts.  Early “honk polling”  shows strong belief in our constitutional rights. Negative responses were virtually non existent…  Except we had a repeat visit from our favorite expatriate…

Our “Angry British Guy” once again screamed at us… “You F***ing AMERICANS can shove your f***ing guns up your a**” delete angry-british-man

This was screamed at four of us standing there just smiling and waving…

This was shouted at Earl… a Vietnam era vet standing calmly on a roadside defending our 2nd amendment by the testimony of his feet and chill of the 35F morning.

This was screamed at my wife Kathy, a grandmother holding an American flag as she smiled at the passersby…

This is the vitriol… the utter contempt for any of us to DARE to defend rights that as Americans we hold.

We have been insulted for being “stealthy” and tricksters, by one of signers the petition for this onerous proposal. This man is a Poli-Sci professor from our town on his blog on WGBH.

We have been counseled to keep emotion out of our response… don’t name names… don’t make the other people at the town meeting feel nervous.

We will be calm. We will be respectful. We will be good citizens at the town meeting. We will exemplify the citizenship that was demonstrated by the founders of our town, by the founders or our nation.

But we will come out en masse and we will vote.

7pm TONIGHT – Come early-  Bring a neighbor

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