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We ran out but we expect a second printing to arrive on Thursday of next week.  If you want one HONKmake sure you are on our mailing list. Look for tab on top of this page.

You can even use your phone- Text LONGMEADOW to 22828

Article on Longmeadow.BIZ – the public HATES warrants 29-31

The community is learning about this foolish idea, and they don’t like it. All of delete longmeadowbizour first print of signs are out and around town… Remember HONK if you see one.

Check out the responses around the article.  The letter was edited and approved by our entire group, but newspapers require a name to be attributed so Walt Lamon our group’s founder/chair gets that distinction.

Send an email if you want a copy of our “Info for voters” brochure.

HONK! For our Signs

Show your support anywhere you see one of our signs!  Give a couple of HONKS! HONK You be saying “Hi” to our supporter with the sign, and letting the world know where you stand.

Honk means… Hey, Cool sign!

Honk means… I support LongForLongmeadow!

Honk means I support the Second Amendment!

Article in THE REMINDER… today 4.26.2016

New Doc 48_1

Read article here… (CLICK)

Next weeks meeting – still on Monday night 5.02.2016

There was discussion of moving our meeting to Tuesday next week due to a delete actionconflict with  “Rules Committee” meeting for our upcoming Town Meeting. Our Meeting space was not available so we will hold our group meeting on Monday, and some members will attend the “Rules” meeting.

All supporters are welcome to attend- even if you don’t live in Longmeadow.

PS- Did you get your sign yet? Do you need yours?

Longmeadow Residents… Show your support with a sign!

IMG_20160426_082932Our signs are in!  If you are Longmeadow resident and want one for your lawn let us know and we will get you yours!

Also Our GOFUNDME site is open and donations are coming in.

Please help if you can with a donation and a share of our site..

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty…


Many of you have asked how you can help.  We are at a point where we are spending $$ for printed materials, and signs to alert the public of this attack on our freedoms. We have created a simple way for you to help, with our GOFUNDME page.

We have had 6 people make donations, and need to get the word out…
If you have already helped- PLEASE share with a half dozen or more of your like minded friends. Every donation no matter how small helps move ust our goal of crushing the head of this snake of a proposal.  PLEASE – click here to help
We have only a few short weeks to do so much, and appreciate the help of every single citizen.  Could you forward this now to some people you think will care about this important issue?

Henry Lanouette

Our Web Page!

delete gofundme

Strategy meeting- Monday 4/25 7pm – All supporters welcome

We will have our weekly meeting at the Greenwood Senior Center (Off Maple delete us-patriot-271x300
Street) at 7:00pm Monday night…  and each Monday night prior to May 10.

Questions?  Directions?  Drop an email to:


NRA-ILA | Longmeadow’s Anti-Gun Proposals Could Come to Your Town!

delete gunOn Tuesday, May 10 from 7:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m., three anti-gun articles will be up for a possible vote at the Longmeadow Annual Town Meeting.

Source: NRA-ILA | Longmeadow’s Anti-Gun Proposals Could Come to Your Town!

Similar situation in Lexington MA

In the podcast linked below there is a discussion of a town initiative much like ours that ocurred in Lexington MA, and how the citizens came together for the vote. I recommend you listen to it, our Longmeadow issue is mentioned at the end.

The Primer – Episode 5 – “Let’s Talk Lexington”