It’s not easy to get a license to carry a firearm in Massachusetts…


It’s important that the public understand the hurdles that responsible gun owners have to surmount to be able to legally carry a firearm. I have listed them below.  I think if our neighbors understood the scrutiny already in place they wouldn’t be fooled into supporting this proposed town ordinance.

Requirements for Massachusetts License to Carry a Firearm

Required Documents:
1. Approved training course given by a Massachusetts state certified instructor within the last year

2. Completed application
3. Copy of driver’s license or ID card
4. Copy of birth certificate or passport
5. You will be required to justify your request in writing. Make your request as detailed and specific as possible. Valid reasons for requesting a concealed handgun include personal threats, being in a high-risk profession or routinely carrying large amounts of cash.
6. Two passport photographs
7. 2 Fingerprint cards
8. Proof of residency ( may be a utility or cable bill)
9. Report from your home state Bureau of Criminal Records listing your arrest record

The cost is significant- there is a fee of $100-$200 for a full day firearms training course by an approved instructor.  This course covers safe use and storage of a pistol. There is a requirement to have a “live fire” portion of the class to prove the student can safely handle a firearm. The instructor discusses state laws regarding firearms, including restrictions as to where they can and cannot be taken .  This completion certification must accompany the application.

So as you can see- this is not easy, but it is something that responsible gun owners comply with.


They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.     Benjamin Franklin

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